DanelecConnect is Danelec Marine’s 6 step ship-2-shore data automation solution which ensures timely, cost-effective ship management. With DanelecConnect intelligent and efficient data solution, ship managers and technical superintendents can quickly and easily identify issues and failures, monitor vessel KPIs, and integrate third-party data analytics for continuous improvement.


An Internet-of-Things (IoT) infrastructure collects data onboard via a Vessel Remote Server module (mini VDR)

Data is pre-processed on board and can be managed and customized from shore

Less than 1MB data per day is transferred to shore at fixed intervals or if triggered by special events

Data is stored on a Danelec server (Danelec Cloud solution)

The ship manager assigns data access to authorized users

User creates customized views in DanelecConnect dashboard or may use data in Remote Management application for:

  • Monitoring and performance optimization
  • Safety and Bridge Operating Quality Assurance (BOQA)
  • Remote maintenance (Pre-APT, alarm diagnostics and configuration)



Cost efficient loT infrastructure


Secure VDR access from shore


Data for efficient asset management


3rd Party applications 

Connectivity modules

Danelec’s ship-2-shore data solutions are powered by our connectivity Hardware modules. Developed using our decades of expertise with VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) technology and supported by our worldwide service network for installation and maintenance, these hardware modules provide the basic building blocks of a cost efficient internet-of-things (IoT) infrastructure onboard vessels.

Remote Data Interface modules pick up analog, digital or serial sensor data throughout the ship for on-board data collection, while the Vessel Remote Server module connects to the vessel’s existing network/communication infrastructure for data transfer to shore.

Danelec connectivity modules work with existing Danelec VDR installations or any other VDR make and model, and can even be applied on vessels without a VDR on board.

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Remote Management Tool

Danelec’s Remote Management Tool enables instant access to the vessel’s VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) from a PC on shore for transfer and replay of recorded VDR data in case of an incident or emergency situation.

For the mandatory VDR Annual Performance Tests (APT) access can be provided to a VDR service technician in order to perform diagnostics of the system or to run a pre-APT test while the vessel is at sea, speeding up the actual APT when the ship arrives in port.

If extended access to the VDR is enabled by the vessel’s crew, even remote configuration of the system is possible from shore, without physically attending the vessel.

DanelecConnect dashboard

Irrespective of whether the vessel is equipped with a VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) or not, the DanelecConnect dashboard provides a gateway to all vessel-related data measurements from shore.

Forget about the hassles of noon-reports. The ship operations team on shore can request data from specific sensors or set up a schedule of regularly recorded serial, analog and digital data downloads from each connected sensor. The data is pre-processed and compressed, allowing for the use of narrowband satellite channels and resulting in less than 1 MB of data transfer per day.

Data can be displayed in customizable dashboards for monitoring of various vessel parameters from shore (such as position, speed, RPM, etc.), as well as trends within the data over time. The collected data can also be applied in advanced analytics solutions such as vessel performance and fuel optimization applications.

DanelecConnect Platform

The data collected through Danelec’s ship-2-shore data platform can also be applied in advanced solutions supplied by 3rd parties which are dependent on accurate and efficient data collection, transmission and storage, such as performance / fuel optimization applications.

The seamless interaction between DanelecConnect ship-2-shore data platform and the advanced analytics tool by NAPA provides decision support for shipowners and operators in order to analyze vessel and fleet performance and improve operational efficiency.

Various performance optimization dashboards using data collected through Danelec systems enable benchmarking and trend analysis on key performance indicators related to fuel consumption and vessel operations.