DanelecConnect is a simple, cost-effective and fully agnostic way to gain economic and operational benefits from advanced utilization of ship data already today, while at the same time future-proofing your vessel and its infrastructure to be able to comply with upcoming regulations and to adapt to changes in operational strategy.

Our solution enables ship managers and technical superintendents to quickly and easily identify issues and failures, monitor vessel KPIs, and integrate third-party data analytics to continuously improve their fleet and assets.

DanelecConnect brings maritime digitalization into the mainstream and is the result of our two decades of expertise within vessel data collection as a leading Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) manufacturer.

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An Internet-of-Things (IoT) infrastructure collects data onboard via a Vessel Remote Server module (mini VDR)

Data is pre-processed on board and can be managed and customized from shore

Less than 1MB data per day is transferred to shore at fixed intervals or if triggered by special events

Data is stored on a Danelec server (Danelec Cloud solution)

The ship manager assigns data access to authorized users

User creates customized views in DanelecConnect dashboard or may use data in Remote Management applications

DanelecConnect Application Program

Thoroughly tested and fully compatible 3rd Party Applications and Solutions
to harness the full power of DanelecConnect.

Once in the cloud, sensor data can be accessed, and quality monitored from shore. The data can be shared with an ever-growing selection of fully compatible 3rd Party Applications and Solutions to enable a variety of use cases such as increased safety onboard, vessel and route optimization, improved fuel efficiency and BOQA.


Software, Services and Data
Analysis for Ship Design
and Operation.

Maritime’s first comprehensive
vessel performance optimization

Fleet tracking, event monitoring,
performance analysis and
compliance assurance.

Increasing operational efficiency
and minimising fuel losses
through machine learning.


NAPA Office is a web based business intelligence service for a front end of ship performance and operational data. The data for the service is collected from various systems, such as onboard flow meters, meters, torque/thrust meters, automation systems and navigation systems or meteorological services.

Main characteristics
  • Web based reporting framework
  • One centralized place for all operational data from the ships
  • Centralized administration of users, ships and templates
  • Fleet view with alert functions on user-set KPI
  • Flexible and customizable reports
  • Different dashboards for different KPIs
  • Data mining and Business Intelligence (BI) tool
Benefits of NAPA Office
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Emission reporting at ship and fleet level
  • Uniform reporting of fuel and energy consumption
  • Close monitoring of movement and day-to-day fleet operations
  • Performance benchmarking of the fleet
  • Improved ship-shore communication
  • Reduced workload onboard

Ship Performance Analytics Services is a state-of-art analysis service for ship and fleet performance. By using NAPA 3-D ship model, latest hydrodynamic research, powerful and scalable cloud computing, ingenious in-house algorithms and supervised learning, NAPA is able to normalize the ship performance measurements to any desired reference condition.

Features and Functionalities
  • Sensor data collection onboard the ship and storing in a cloud database
  • Data enrichment with the metocean (meteorology and oceanology) data from top class weather providers
  • Data analysis with sophisticated proficient algorithms and statistical modeling
  • Results reporting and visualization to the user via NAPA Office, which is NAPA’s data presentation tool for centralized business intelligence

Tres Solutions


Tres Solutions helps the world’s leading ship owners and managers improve fleet performance through data, working together to build insight-driven analytics and enhancing decision-support via a hands-on, expert model.

Our core Tres Vessel Analytics (TVA) solution helps clients improve data quality, reduce fuel consumption, minimize emissions and reduce daily running costs, thus saving money.

TVA is the most holistic vessel performance software and service platform in the market. In principle, our customers outsource vessel performance management to Tres, and we deliver results.


How we do it

Customers trust Tres and TVA because we follow a logical, proven approach that drives tangible benefits.

We work hand-in-hand with clients to improve the quality of data, which is a key enabler for delivering performance improvement. With better data, we deliver targeted analysis and recommendations to customers and measure results.

Our team of performance specialists monitor vessels on a 24/7/365 basis and proactively address data and performance gaps.

Tres use a holistic approach when optimizing vessel performance, accounting for the total energy balance on board. We monitor hull performance, speed management, engine performance, as well as production and consumption of all energy on board.


Who we are

We are a global team of industry experts that are dedicated to vessel performance management. We work with all vessel types and sizes.

We are experienced marine engineers, officers, naval architects, software engineers and corporate strategists whose sole focus is on generating value for customers 24/7/365.


What we achieve

Real-time analytics helps uncover insights, which can be used to adjust performance on the spot. Our flexible, proactive approach to vessel performance drives lasting improvement and savings for all vessels in your fleet.

The ”Tres Approach” has helped customers realize from 2-14% fuel savings per year (depends on scope, vessel type and size). We have also delivered up to 20x return on investment (ROI) based on our unique approach.


21st Century Fleet ops

nauticAi is a Finnish maritime IT-startup specialising in affordable Operational awareness solutions.

nauticAi technology is used for automated quality assurance and risk management (BOQA), real-time situational awareness and chartering/operations.

What is Danelec-BOQA?

BOQA is a methodology adopted from the Flight industry. The basic idea is to use sensor and external data to analyse human operational quality and deviations from normal behaviour.

Danelec-BOQA is a way to pro-actively use the ship’s VDR data as per OCIMF recommendations

Track your fleet

nauticAi BOQA provides seamless tracking by combining your Fleet Data with terrestrial and satellite AIS and global weather forecasts.

Monitor events

BOQA makes it really easy to monitor events. We use AI-assisted analytics to do it all for you!

Ensure compliance

Have you ever needed to check Charter Party compliance? Well, we make this super simple with our special C/P Compliance graph.


GreenSteam has been operating for over 12 years and is at the forefront of using machine learning to provide actionable insights for shipping Owners, Operators and Charterers.

Working across the sector and growing rapidly, GreenSteam currently helps operators of over 500 vessels to make fuel savings and reduce emissions.

GreenSteam focuses exclusively on the shipping industry, employing a wide range of experts including naval architects and oceanographers to PhDs in machine learning.

Choose from GreenSteam’s suite of services to suit your needs. Providing a clear picture of your fleet, identify where your most significant fuel losses are and receive accurate, actionable advice on how to minimize them – giving you clarity and control.

Offering a low entry point to double digit fuel savings, GreenSteam provides insights that result in better informed decisions.

What is machine learning?

Machine Learning systems improve their performance through direct experience of real-world conditions.

At GreenSteam, our artificial intelligence-based model of a vessel does not make any assumptions – it uses data.

Nautilus Labs

Nautilus Labs is advancing the
efficiency of ocean commerce
through artificial intelligence.


Making maritime operations
continually more effective, safer,
and ever more efficient.


Purposeful digitization for predicting failures, optimizing fuel and improving maintenance.

Danelec applications

Delivering remote management and customizable dashboards for data monitoring.

Nautilus Labs

Make Better Decisions, When They Matter Most

Real-time, high frequency data for better insights and decisions into a vessel, leg, or voyage–while underway. Course correct, collaborate across commercial and technical teams, and optimize for specific outcomes.


Outcome-Based Optimizations

Deliver results that are important to your business and specific to your charterers and vessel classification. Find savings, improve consumption, and achieve best possible TCE, ETA, and emissions scoring–all while getting more yield out of every vessel.


Manage and Triage Your Entire Fleet

Allocate the right resources at the right time, determine optimal dry docking or other maintenance events, and understand added resistance or performance degradation—through user-friendly visualizations, historical data, and predictive analyses.

Reduce Fuel Consumption & Emissions

Cut costs, cut emissions, and maximize returns—while driving cross-team collaboration, greater transparency, and stronger accountability for your shipping company, shareholders, and the planet we all share.

Adhere to Charter Party Agreements

With Nautilus Platform, see performance changes in real time and receive recommendations to help avoid commercial penalties, maximize fuel efficiency, and fulfil your charter party agreements.


For more than a decade StratumFive has been delivering leading cost-effective voyage monitoring solutions and now provides services to more than 12,000 ships through its global network, which includes the FleetWeather operations centre in the USA and its 50 year history of service excellence.

Analyse, Monitor, Optimise

Podium gives detailed insight into past vessel performance, real time visibility of present performance, and predictive analysis of future performance – enabling informed decisions, saving fuel, cutting emissions, and reducing operational costs whilst delivering the contracted voyage.


Any data – Any way – Anywhere

Podium is capable of processing and visualising billions of data points every month for every client – scaling with and learning from your data as it grows and displaying it how, when and where you need it.

Unite ship & shore

Podium brings together voyage monitoring, reporting, analysis and optimisation into one easy-to-use, and uniquely flexible platform, with highly performant and correlated APIs.

Custom onboard forms, fields, and complex validation rules can be created, per vessel, or fleet-wide – all automatically synchronised with the Podium shoreside platform.

Any combination of fields can be automatically distributed to any number of shoreside recipients, ensuring each stakeholder only receives data that is relevant to their specific role and requirements.

Configure without constraint

Connect, select, assemble, access. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ with Podium. Using ready-made programmable building blocks you can craft dashboards, alerts, visualisations and KPI’s to precisely match the day-to-day needs of every department and individual user.

Configure realtime, multi-parameter notifications and alerts, enabling proactive operational decisions.

Podium is cloud hosted and can be deployed swiftly, and scaled effortlessly across your organisation.


As the industry leader in maritime data analytics, ioCurrents leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence, giving your crews and shoreside personnel a live view of vessel operations. Take the opportunity to make datadriven decisions.

The company’s third party data analytics platform, MarineInsight, applies AI and machine learning models to provide your crews with real-time, analyzed, actionable data, from anywhere. Employing the IoT device on board to run the analytics in real-time, MarineInsight frequently and efficiently sends the analyzed, compressed data from the device on board to a secure cloud, where the shoreside team can access it.

Failure prediction: automated anomaly detection

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Machine Learning Models developed to predict failures.

Voyage and fuel optimization

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Machine Learning that provides planning AND live en-route optimization recommendations to ensure your goals are met, while balancing how YOU value both time and fuel.

Condition-based maintenance scheduling

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Machine Learning Models that understand the current condition of equipment, and continually update and recommend appropriate maintenance windows based on equipment use, rather than simply depending on a calendar or hours based approach.

Remote Management Tool

Danelec’s Remote Management Tool enables instant access to the vessel’s VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) from a PC on shore for transfer and replay of recorded VDR data in case of an incident or emergency situation.

For the mandatory VDR Annual Performance Tests (APT) access can be provided to a VDR service technician in order to perform diagnostics of the system or to run a pre-APT test while the vessel is at sea, speeding up the actual APT when the ship arrives in port.

If extended access to the VDR is enabled by the vessel’s crew, even remote configuration of the system is possible from shore, without physically attending the vessel.

DanelecConnect Dashboard

Forget about the hassles of noon-reports. The ship operations team on shore can request data from specific sensors or set up a schedule of regularly recorded serial, analog and digital data downloads from each connected sensor. The data is pre-processed and compressed, allowing for the use of narrowband satellite channels and resulting in less than 1 MB of data transfer per day.

Data can be displayed in customizable dashboards for monitoring of various vessel parameters from shore (such as position, speed, RPM, etc.), as well as trends within the data over time.

Connectivity modules

Secured and Cost-efficient Gateway to Advanced Data Utilization

Danelec’s ship-2-shore data solutions are powered by our connectivity Hardware modules. These hardware modules are developed using our decades of expertise with VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) technology and supported by our worldwide service network for installation and maintenance. Most importantly, these hardware modules provide the basic building blocks of a cost-efficient internet-of-things (IoT) infrastructure onboard vessels.

DanelecConnect is agnostic, which means it can interface with any sensor-data source. Remote Data Interface modules pick up analog, digital or serial sensor data throughout the ship for on-board data collection. The data is aggregated in the purpose-built Vessel Remote Server (VRS) before being pre-processed with sophisticated data compression and transferred to shore using the vessel’s existing network / communication infrastructure .

Danelec connectivity modules work with existing Danelec VDR installations or any other VDR make and model. The connectivity modules can even be applied on vessels without a VDR on board.

DanelecConnect Intelligent Maritime IoT Infrastructure


Danelec­Connect Portal

Danelec­Connect Portal

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