As a required tool on large marine vessels, it is important to ensure that the VDR you choose has the right features and reliability you need. Below you are presented to our new generation of Voyage Data Recorders. With the Danelec Difference, you can feel secure in the quality and advantages of using our unique Danelec VDR technology at your vessels.

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VDR Hardware


Unique SWAP technology
10 years service guarantee
Extensive service network


VDR Hardware conversion kits
VDR Software configuration tools
Sensor interfacing solutions

Danelec eSERVICE

Transparent service information
Automated service processes
Central quality control


Cost-efficient IoT infrastructure
Management tool from shore
Vessel data analysis applications

Designed for Serviceability

Servicing and repairing shipboard electronics can be time consuming and expensive. In a typical service scenario, the technicians board the ship, troubleshoot the problem and determine what spares are needed to make the repair. If the parts are not available locally, they must be ordered.

Depending on the system, port state control authorities may prevent the ship’s departure until the repairs are made, resulting in expensive demurrage and port costs.

If the ship is allowed to sail, the spares must be delivered to its next port, requiring another expensive service call to complete the repairs.

Danelec Marine’s unique SoftWare Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology is a critical element for easy serviceability incorporated into all Danelec products. SWAP technology™ simplifies shipboard service by storing all system software and configuration. In case of failure, the SWAP technology is programming data on a hot-swappable memory card that can easily be removed from the old hardware unit and inserted into the new one.

Relocating the repair from ship to shore saves hours of time in re-installing software and re-programming the system, bringing a revolution to shipboard service.

How do we move repair from ship to shore?

  • A Danelec-trained technician arrives for a service call with a replacement unit in hand
  • The technician removes the memory card from the old unit
  • He switches out the old unit with the replacement unit
  • Inserts the memory card into the new unit
  • Then he takes the old unit to shore for repair


SWAP technology™

  • Saves time by enabling onboard repairs to be accomplished in a matter of hours, not days
  • Saves money by reducing man hours for service calls
  • Protects valuable shipboard data on a hot-swappable memory card
  • Keeps ships on schedule, eliminating in-port delays for repairs

In addition, Danelec Marine VDR systems are designed around a purpose-built Linux-based computer platform rather than an off-the-shelf PC, with fewer components for better reliability.

Since we design and manufacture our own products, we can guarantee that they can be serviced for a minimum of 10 years after the end of life of the product line.


Retrofit Made Easy

Danelec Marine has studied more than 45 different end-of-life and existing VDR models from all major manufacturers and legacy brands, in order to make easy replacements, support and deliver best-in-class conversion kits.

Today, many ships are still equipped with VDRs and S-VDRs that were installed more than 10 years ago to meet the initial IMO carriage requirements.

These systems are typically beyond their intended service life, making them often unreliable, while some are not even supported by their original manufacturers any longer. The consequence is that spare parts are scarcely available and service can be very expensive.

Installing a new VDR system is no small job. Recorder systems consist of several components and are typically connected to a lot of equipment on the bridge and beyond, which poses many challenges from the physical installation. This includes cabling, to system configuration, often resulting in complicated installation jobs taking several days with the associated costs.

Having a worldwide network of certified service partners, the retrofit can be arranged to take place wherever your vessels are located. Our 600+ service partners follow the same process replacing your old VDR, and by using our Danelec APT software tool. Besides that, the Danelec technical team performs an installation performance test to ensure that the VDR has been installed correctly. In this process, we rate the job of the installing service engineer as part of our eService quality assurance.

From above, it becomes easy and less costly for shipowners to upgrade their existing VDR or S-VDR systems to a more efficient Danelec product and service solution. Because of that, it becomes feasible to standardize VDR installations across your fleet, reducing the expense of maintaining products from different suppliers.

Retrofit Made Easy by certified service partners










Automating the Service Process

Danelec eService is a web-based platform. It is aimed at automating many of the traditional manual processes involved in planning and executing a service call and streamlining service for Danelec products around the world.

The eService platform and Danelec’s rigorous in-house quality procedures bring unprecedented levels of consistency and efficiency to shipboard service by connecting the shipmanager, the local service company and the manufacturer.

For shipping companies, Danelec eService provides information about the service status of the equipment onboard. Besides that, it provides information about the vessel’s service history and recommendations for an upcoming service. For service companies, it helps prepare for the service call by accessing information on previous service issues and real-time warranty information.

Finally, for the benefit of all involved parties, Danelec eService ensures that standardized procedures are followed in installing the system by performing an Annual Performance Tests (APTs) and service.

It also provides consistent quality control, rates the work performed by the service technicians. Furthermore, it shows “red flags” on any unresolved issues or early warning signs of potential points of failure.


Service partner
  • Preparing service by accessing information on previous service issues
  • Real-time warranty information
  • Overview of own service history
Danelec Marine
  • Standardized processes for installation / service
  • Quality control and rating after service
  • Red flag unresolved issues and early warning information
  • Real time information about service status
  • Information about vessel’s service history
  • Information about recommended upcoming service (software update, etc.)

Value Added Remote Management Solutions

While the primary role of a VDR is to record and store data for accident investigation, it can also function as a data hub for a ship telematics system.

DanelecConnect is a remote management service designed around an IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure. It is using the VDR as a central data collection point. As the system is gathering serial, analog and digital connections to numerous items of equipment throughout the ship, the cost of installing and maintaining a dedicated data network aboard is reduced.

DanelecConnect provides selective transmission of data from the vessel via satellite to the home office. From this, it is allowing “push-through” and “pull-through” of data sets from onboard equipment without being limited by satellite capacity onboard vessels.

The ship operations team ashore can query the VDR at any time requesting data from specific sensors (VDR OnDemand). Besides that, they can set up a schedule of downloads by selecting intervals for automatic transmission from each sensor, under dynamic control from the computer (Vessel AutoConnect).

Danelec’s remote management service is optimized for narrowband satellite channels for ship-2-shore transmission for additional cost savings.

DanelecConnect remote management solutions provide a wide range of benefits concerning control, safety and optimization without the need of physical attendance to the vessel, such as:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Remote monitoring and service
  • Ship’s performance optimization

Read more on how DanelecConnect can help your vessel operation >



Voyage Data Recorder

DM100 S-VDR G2

Simplified Voyage Data Recorder


Light Voyage Data Recorder


Easy replacement of other brands

Is Your System IMO-Compliant? 

Danelec’s new generation VDR was the first on the market to meet the latest performance standards and technical requirements, as defined in MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed.2, taking effect on July 1, 2014.

Designed specifically for maritime application down to the last component, the DM100 VDR offers high quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight, easy-to-install solution. The DM100 VDR is Wheelmark approved by DNV GL, and is intended for installation on passenger ships as well as cargo vessels of 3.000 GT and above, constructed after July 1, 2002.

Is Your System IMO-Compliant?

Danelec’s new generation simplified VDR is built on our latest technology platform and meets all requirements of the original S-VDR performance standards, as defined in MSC.163(78) and IEC 61996-2 Ed.2.

Designed specifically for maritime application down to the last component, the DM100 S-VDR G2 offers high quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight, easy-to-install solution. The new DM100 S-VDR G2 brings features that were up till now only available to VDRs. Any new feature developed for the DM100 VDR is automatically compatible with the DM100 S-VDR G2, making it a future proof solution. 

In Need of Voyage Data Documentation? 

Danelec’s newest generation of light VDRs is built on the same proven platform as the DM100 VDR / S-VDR and provides the recording capabilities of a type-approved full VDR system without being connected to a fixed/float-free capsule.

The DM100 L-VDR is a non-mandatory system, intended for vessels not required to implement a full VDR or a simplified VDR by regulations, but in need of responsible documentation of voyage related data, monitoring of the vessel for efficient ship management or looking for the benefits of ship-2-shore remote management solutions.

Danelec Conversion Kit

Our tailor-made conversion kits, fitting VDRs from more than 45 different existing manufacture models, make it possible for our certified technicians to complete the installation with minimum effort and downtime, saving the shipowner extensive time and effort on the part of installing technicians.

By applying a set of mechanical hardware, software tools and sensor interface solutions developed by Danelec Marine, cable runs and mounting hardware from existing systems on board can be reused.

Retrofitting your existing VDR, Danelec deliver the mechanical kits which include pre-drilled adaptor plates and mounting brackets for the main unit, memory capsule, and bridge microphones. The kit also includes Remote Data Interface (RDI) units for serial, analog and digital connections, as well as a software tool for conversion of old configuration files.

When retrofitting your old VDR, you gain access to the latest VDR technology also provides a built-in upgrade pathway to initiate fleetwide retrieval of data from shipboard systems using Danelec Marine’s remote management solutions.

Customer case

Installers Report Substantial Savings in VDR Replacement Costs Using Danelec Marine Conversion Kits

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