NAPA Ship Performance Analytics Services


Ship Performance Analytics Services is a state-of-art analysis service for ship and fleet performance. By using NAPA 3-D ship model, latest hydrodynamic research, powerful and scalable cloud computing, ingenious in-house algorithms and supervised learning, NAPA is able to normalize the ship performance measurements to any desired reference condition.

Features and Functionalities

  • Sensor data collection onboard the ship and storing in a cloud database
  • Data enrichment with the metocean (meteorology and oceanology) data from top class weather providers
  • Data analysis with sophisticated proficient algorithms and statistical modeling
  • Results reporting and visualization to the user via NAPA Office, which is NAPA’s data presentation tool
    for centralized business intelligence

Benefits of Ship Performance Analytics

  • Ship operational conditions
  • Vessel performance follow-up
  • Energy saving device and other performance studies
  • Accurate hull condition estimates
  • Fleet-wide benchmarking and comparison of different types of ships
  • Accurate information on how external conditions affect the power and fuel consumption
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for ship engines

Dynamic Performance Dashboard

NAPA Data Analyzer

Various Performance Reports

NAPA Dynamic Voyage Viewer Dashboard

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