NAPA Office


NAPA Office is a web based business intelligence service for a front end of ship performance and operational
data. The data for the service is collected from various systems, such as onboard flow meters, torque/thrust
meters, automation systems, and navigation systems or meteorological services.

Main characteristics

  • Web based reporting framework
  • One centralized place for all operational data from the ships
  • Centralized administration of users, ships and templates
  • Fleet view with alert functions on user-set KPI
  • Flexible and customizable reports
  • Different dashboards for different KPIs
  • Data mining and Business Intelligence (BI) tool

Benefits of NAPA Office

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Emission reporting at ship and fleet level
  • Uniform reporting of fuel and energy consumption
  • Close monitoring of movement and day-to-day fleet operations
  • Performance benchmarking of the fleet
  • Improved ship-shore communication
  • Reduced workload onboard

Fleet View

NAPA Fleet View

Cargo Tank Status Chart

NAPA Cargo Tank Status Chart

Data Analyzer

NAPA Data Analyzer

Dynamic Voyage Viewer Dashboard

NAPA Dynamic Voyage Viewer Dashboard

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