ECDIS training options

Danelec Marine is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive solutions in marine technology. This is why we offer the most efficient ECDIS training solution for navigators, including full flexibility through a wide range of type-specific ECDIS training options. At Danelec, we understand the importance for operators to familiarize themselves with our platforms to ensure efficient and effective use of the full scope of ECDIS tools.


Classic training offered by training facilities worldwide


Remote training with online testing and interview


Training provided on board the vessel or on-site

ECDIS classroom training centers

Danelec Marine offers classic classroom training for familiarization with Danelec ECDIS at several locations worldwide.

Please choose a location on the map for more information about your local ECDIS training facility and to sign up for Danelec ECDIS classroom training at your chosen training center.

ECDIS computer based training

The online / CBT (computer based training) remote training option available with Danelec ECDIS ensures user friendly and efficient training, testing and certification of seafarers – whether they are at shore or onboard the vessel.

The computer based training program allows the student to:

  • Download the required training material
  • Do the training remotely (online as well as offline)
  • Conduct a self-test after each chapter in the training program
  • Communicate with an ECDIS instructor by email or interactive chat prior to the certification test
  • Sign up for certification test consisting of an online computer based multiple choice test followed by Live-Cam interview

Sign up for Danelec ECDIS computer based training ► 


ECDIS onboard and on-site training

An experienced Danelec ECDIS instructor delivers training to officers in charge of navigational watch onboard your vessel or at  our company’s premises.

On the vessel the onboard ECDIS system will be used for demonstration and training. Alternatively, or when at shore, a PC version of the ECDIS application software can be used for training.

Through Danelec Marine’s ECDIS TtT (Train-the-Trainer) scheme, it is even possible to train your own in-house Danelec ECDIS instructor who can then deliver training within the company whenever needed. This provides a cost-efficient solution for type-specific training and certification when larger fleets are equipped with Danelec ECDIS.

Please contact us or your local Danelec Partner regarding the possibility of conducting on-board / on-site familiarization training in your area.

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