Maritime IoT in the Spotlight as New DanelecConnect Product Director Joins the Team

The recent news about a collaboration project with TeamViewer signalled our intentions to accelerate innovation in maritime IoT and we are now pleased to report a further milestone, with the appointment of our new DanelecConnect Product Director, Christian Meisner Boye Christensen.

Christian joins the team at an exciting period for Danelec Marine. As the maritime industry continues to adopt more digital technologies and methodologies, we are developing new capabilities that expand on the data capture and storage that our core VDR portfolio provides.

DanelecConnect, our technology-agnostic digital platform, is at the forefront of this and Christian will use his extensive experience in the design and development of digital services and data acquisition strategies to drive our maritime IoT services and credentials in the market.

Data-driven decisions

Starting out as an automation engineer in the aviation industry, Christian went on to gain his Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering and Technology Management at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2014. This enabled him to start the next phase of his career working on ships as a service engineer for L3, where he soon went on to become a Project Manager.

After spending some time as a Hardware & Software Specialist at Wärtsilä in 2016, Christian joined GreenSteam as a Project Manager soon afterwards, which is where he really started to become part of the maritime IoT world.

I have always been attracted by data-driven decisions in relation to performance optimization as well as operational safety and I think that Danelec Connect can play an important role in this area,” said Christian.

The unique thing about Danelec is the large service network which has been built up through the VDR business. I think this will be a key differentiator that in combination with our competitive pricing will help to position DanelecConnect as a vital solution for cost-effective and feature-rich maritime IoT solutions.

Digitalisation strategy

Christian is a strong leadership figure. His last role before joining Danelec was as Head of Vessel Automation at GreenSteam. At the same time, he was also studying for his Executive MBA, Master in Management and Technology at DTU, which was awarded in 2020.

He is coming to a highly competitive and complex marketplace, with hundreds of infrastructure providers, application developers and systems integrators trying to digitalise shipping in search of gains in economy, safety, and environmental impact. His experience and deep understanding of maritime IoT are the perfect matches for Danelec’s digitalisation strategy, however.

Danelec has produced a powerful solution that provides an easy and cost-effective way to digitalize a vessel. It is ready for many different use cases, both when we work directly with ship owners and when we work with 3rd party partners,” said Christian.

“My Vision for DanelecConnect is to empower the shipping industry to make data-driven decisions. We are positioned well to increase data transparency in shipping and ultimately help through data to reduce emissions, accidents, or near misses. With DanelecConnect, we can do this in a solid, safe, and simple way that benefits the whole industry.”