Danelec Marine Privacy Policy

Please carefully read our Danelec Marine Privacy Policy in order to understand our different use and practices concerning your personal information when signing up for a newsletter or fill one of our forms.


1. Your privacy

When referring to “personal information” in below content, we mean personally identifiable information which specifically identifies you as an individual.

We take your privacy extremely seriously. Therefore, when handling your personal information and in compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are committed to ensuring that your personal information is protected and safely stored.


2. How we collect, handle and use your data

When you sign up for our Danelec Insights newsletter, request a download of some of our free marketing material, request for a quotation or send us some feedback, you are required to fill a form in order to provide us with certain personal information being your Full name, E-mail address, Job title, Phone number and Company.

The information provided by you are digitally collected, stored and we use this information for sending you the relevant content requested, keeping lists or for contacting you.

We will never sell or rent the personal information provided by you for secondary purposes or to third parties.

Your personal information might be shared with and stored by 3rd parties such as our email marketing provider for them to create reports on how the email campaign performed and what actions you took for analyzing and to optimize their services. Referring to our email marketing providers Privacy Policy, the Distribution Lists we create are stored on a secure server and this information will not, under any circumstances, be sold. Only authorized employees have access to view these distribution lists. Our email marketing provider might use your personal information in combination with other information from third party sources, to enhance, develop and provide us with more relevant product features and services such as Social Profiles, a tool that helps us learn about our subscribers. If any security breach in the system of this provider, affecting Danelec Marine or our distribution lists, we will be notified us as soon as possible and later have reports about the action they took in response.

Signing up for the monthly Danelec Newsletter you agree that we use your data for sending you the Danelec Newsletter with the latest news, announcements, and product releases. When you sign up, we may send you other relevant sales or marketing information.


3. Unsubscribe, Reviewing, Correcting or deletion of data

In general, we keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary in order to process the function related to the purpose of the information collected. Authorized personnel at Danelec Marine regularly reviews the registered personal information and deletes the information that is no longer relevant to process.

Danelec Newsletter
If you no longer want to receive our Danelec Newsletter, you always have the option to unsubscribe by clicking “unsubscribe from this list” in the bottom of the newsletter sent to you. In doing so, you are automatically removed from the distribution list, and we will take further actions to make sure that you will not receive this newsletter until you decide to re-subscribe.

Requests for download of marketing material, quotations or feedback submitted
When you request some of your downloading material, request a quotation or send us some feedback, you are to fill out a form, providing us with personal information. If you wish to have these data deleted from our system, you can at any time request that your personal information must be deleted by sending an email to contact@danelec-marine.com and type ‘My personal information: delete” in the email title. Within a reasonable timeframe, we will take further actions to make sure that you do not receive future newsletters and that your personal information will be deleted from our systems.

With respect to that personal information provided, you have the following rights to:

  • have your information send to you for reviewing
  • request that we correct errors, update your information, or omissions in your user information

To perform any of the above requests from you, please contact us at contact@danelec-marine.com. Write ‘My personal information: Review or edit” in the title of the email and what action you want us to perform.

  • request that your user information must be removed from any list that we have
  • request that your user information must be fully deleted from our systems.

Within a reasonable timeframe after receiving your email, we will respond to your request to change, correct, or delete the relevant information and of course notify you about the action we have taken.


4. Our use of cookies

When you use and access our website, we may place a number of cookie files in your web browser or mobile device to enable certain functions of the website. Our cookies are categorized as follow: Necessary, Account related, Statistic, Marketing

This site uses Google Analytics as a tool to create anonymous statistics about the use of our websites for analyzing our visitors’ behavior, reporting, improving website flows and functions and enhance the overall user experience. By the information automatically conducted in Google Analytics, we are not able to personally identify you in terms of your name, email addresses, job title, phone number or similar data.

This site uses cookies from YouTube to optimize the user experience and to present relevant videos related to the content of the landing page. The cookie registers a unique ID that is used by Google to keep statistics of how a visitor uses YouTube videos across different websites.

Read our Danelec Marine Cookie Policy and get the full declaration of this website’s cookies is presented here.


5. Policy changes

Regarding future improvements, typos or changes in the sentences used, we do reserve the right to modify our Danelec Privacy Policy at any time.

In case of radical changes to your Privacy Policy concerning your personal information provided to us, we may send you a notice of such modifications by sending you an e-mail regarding the change.


6. Contact us

In case of any questions related to our policies described above, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@danelec-marine.com