Danelec Marine Supplies Retrofitted VDRs to Hartmann Reederei

Installations Completed on German Vessels by Local Service Provider.

Main factors for choosing Danelec

In a recent arrangement with Hartmann Reederei of Leer, Germany, Danelec Marine has provided retrofitted VDRs via local partner LAMMERS Schiffselektronik GmbH. The deal is the latest partnership between Hartmann Reederei and Danelec Marine, who continues its expansion of equipment installations across Europe.

Lammers has been a service partner of Danelec products for ten years, marking a prolonged relationship resulting in Lammers’ familiarity and reliability as a Danelec provider in Germany.

Lammers Service Department representative, Jan Heinen, says that the main factors for Lammers working with Danelec products for so long lies in the product quality and reliability, and simplicity in regards to installation and setup.

Product quality and manufacturer service network are often the most important factors to our customers,” says Mr. Heinen.

Lammers serviced the previous VDRs for Hartmann which were finally replaced with Danelec VDRs due to the ability for us to make the retrofits within a very short window of time, and the preparedness we had to ensure a successful installation

One of Hartmann’s vessels had previously been using a VDR model from a different manufacturer, which required an increasing amount of costly repairs and maintenance in recent years. When looking to replace these pieces of equipment, Hartmann pursued four different manufacturers, ultimately deciding on Danelec Marine VDRs.

When looking at their options, Hartmann Nautical Superintendent, Captain Vincentius van Gestel says they typically view the manufacturer’s brand and the position of the brand on the market. Because of this, Danelec’s worldwide servicing availability and experience were factors in their decision.

We had a unique situation with the vessel that needed the installations,” says Captain van Gestel.

We only had a small window of time for this ship to be serviced. We go for quality, but also efficiency is very important. We decided Danelec would be able to make the best and quickest solution for our needs.

Anticipates further agreements in the future

Because Lammers has worked with Danelec products and on Hartmann vessels before, the decision for their involvement in the deal seemed natural. Mr. Heinen describes the partnerships as “close and friendly” and anticipates further agreements in the future.

Regarding their partnership with Lammers, Capt. van Gestel says “Lammers is a consistent service provider. We chose Lammers because they had experience with Danelec and they knew the equipment. Lammers did a fine job, they stayed within the scope, and they had good help and assistance from Danelec itself. They were very impressive in their efficiency and their communication management.

Installation was perfect, Danelec as a brand has been perfect,” says Capt. van Gestel, adding “now we are in the practical situation, where the equipment is running and we have to see on the longer term if we don’t have any problems, but we don’t expect there to be any.