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In this section, we give you important and relevant news about the maritime industry including topics such as Ship Management, Service Solutions, Maritime Operational Excellence and Maritime security. Enjoy your readings!

VDR services your suppliers should look after

When choosing the right supplier for your VDR, you need more than just a company who can simply provide the technology. Suppliers that you trust to deliver your VDR, should also ensure that they are able to support installation, maintenance and issues that may arise. …

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The benefits of Opex / Capex planning for fleet managers

Operational expenditure and capital expenditure, or Opex/Capex planning, is a powerful tool in accounting and budgeting, and it can be important for fleet managers to put this strategy into practice as well. When measuring KPIs and ensuring that fleet operation is…

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Avoiding breakages through effective ship management

In ship management, it is crucial for managers and superintendents to ensure that vessels are operational and in peak conditions as much as possible. Ensuring that breakages are prevented, or that problems that can lead to breakages are dealt with quickly and…

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