Søren Westergren

Søren Westergren

Sales Director T: +45 45944318 M: +45 60404318 swe@danelec-marine.com I am dedicated, motivated and excited about driving international business and development. My passion resides in helping our partner realize their full business potential and at the same time ensure that shipowners and manager gain a competitive advantage by using Danelec’s comprehensive suite of products, solutions and technology platforms. Through my well-developed business and technical insight and understanding, I have gained in-depth knowledge about our VDR, ECDIS and Ship-2-shore data solutions.My focus is to explore, update and educate our partners regarding VDR service, tools for technical ship management, and ECDIS and VDR security, training and certifications. Finally, to ensure that Danelec meets the requirements of the end customer expectations I make sure that shipowners and managers receive vital information concerning VDR, ECDIS, service issues, and to execute control quality check.


Building an operational excellence model for fleet management

by Søren Westergren | Operational Excellence

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VDR services your suppliers should look after

by Søren Westergren | Voyage Data Recorder

ShareShare When choosing the right supplier for your VDR, you need more than just a company providing the technology. Suppliers that you trust to deliver your VDR, should also ensure that they are able to support installation, maintenance, and issues that may arise.... read more

The benefits of Opex / Capex planning for fleet managers

by Søren Westergren | Ship Management

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Avoiding breakages through effective ship management

by Søren Westergren | Ship Management

ShareShare In ship management, it is crucial for managers and superintendents to ensure that vessels are operational and in peak conditions as much as possible. Ensuring that breakages are prevented, or that problems that can lead to breakages are dealt with quickly... read more